Delta biotech SA was founded in 2003 conceived to become a leader company in production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients both for the Argentinian and the international market.
Originally located in Villa Martelli, a neighbourhood in the Northern suburbs in Buenos Aires;  nowadays,  Deltabiotech consists of two independent production plants based in the former Carapachay, Northern Area Buenos Aires, and the latter in Valentín Alsina in the Southern Area.
The plant in Carapachay was founded in February 2006, where production is mainly focused on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, such as Prostaglandins and Vitamin D derivates.
Its premises are built on 1,000m2 surface, which is laid out in different areas such as development and process optimization, and a pilot plant as well as a production plant designed to comply with the highest quality international standards.  What is more, its Quality Control laboratory, which comprises high-tech equipment,   is responsible for all the products manufactured under strict quality standards.
The plant in Valentín Alsina dates back to July 2005 since then committed to its exclusive production of an extractive product known as Chondroitin Sulphate, approved by SENASA  - Agri-food Quality and Sanity National Service,  
which allows placing our product not only in Argentina but also in the rest of the world due to being free from BSE -Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.
Last but not least, in order to fulfil a constant demand for new and more complex
products, our staff is made up of a group of professionals and doctors highly qualified  based in Córdoba City,  where thanks to strategic agreements it is possible to keep on innovating with the highest available technology in our country.  Our R&D team is constantly searching new and innovative products with Human and Veterinary pharmacology applications so as to offer a wide range of products.


La Empresa Delta Biotech